Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Bucket List: Blogtober14

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Texas, especially Dallas, doesn't have the opportunity to experience much Fall. Basically when I think of Fall-I think of the month of October. Every year we try to jam pack as many Fall activities into the month of October as possible but there has been three consistent things that we have done every year. I know bucket lists are supposed to be things you have aspirations to complete and move onto the next, but for me-my Fall wouldn't feel complete without these three activities:

Yesterland Farm:  Honestly, the farm isn't a "OMG THIS PLACE IS AMAZING" but more one of those places you keep returning to based off nostalgia and just pure fun.  There are pig races, a legit corn maze, and these high powered apple/corn shooter things that my husband is obsessed with.  Also-there are a lot of places to take awesome family pictures.

State Fair of Texas: Ok if you live anywhere near the city of Dallas, you probably visit the state fair.  It is an awesome fair and I love going every year to try all the new fried foods-fried butter anyone?  While I'm joking about that one (when I bit into it scalding hot melted butter exploded in my mouth) I usually try all the new things plus my favorite fried chocolate covered strawberries.  Baby has started to recognize the Kids on the Farm section and it just keeps getting better each year to watch her go through it.  Last year I went a total of three times which was probably one too many-this year I plan on only making two trips (one work, one family).

Pumpkin Carving: Ok so this one is a fairly new tradition, one that started when we bought the house in 2007.  It was a tradition that the girls our group were really excited about starting and then the boys were dragging their feet.  They all thought pumpkin carving was totally lame.  Until they realized that it didn't have to be your standard jack-o-latern faces but could be intricate designs.  Since that first year, it has been a competition who can do the highest level of pumpkin design.  Or at least for the boys, I get frustrated and over it really, really quickly and do the simple designs (see generic pumpkin in middle right in the picture above).  What I love so much about this is it is a couples activity that everyone truly enjoys and as well all start to add kids to the bunch, it will become a family activity for us all.

If I missed out on doing one of those three activities I would feel like my Fall isn't complete.  And then I would look like this sad guy:

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