Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Fashion, Or Lack Of: Blogtober14

Helene in Between Blogtober

So fashion...that is something I fail miserably at.  I have a three different things that make me feel overwhelmed at the idea of even trying.  Issue one:boobs.  As in huge, and can not be contained. Now that I am nursing I also have the added complication that it has to be nursing friendly, as having to actually remove an article of clothing would bring more attention than desired (as if nursing in public didn't already cause some).

Problem area: my tummy, aka the thing that makes people ask me when I am due when I am not pregnant.  It has happened so often in my life that at this point I just lie if it is a stranger and give a random date so that there isn't that awkwardness.  It actually doesn't bother me anymore because it is just the way it is, but I don't want to emphasize it if possible.

And lastly, my height.   I'm 5 feet, 2 inches which means I have to have everything hemmed, even petite sizes.  I was lucky recently and bought a pair of skinny jeans that fit perfectly, I couldn't believe it!  Then when I got home I realized that they were cropped jeans for regular size people but they look full length on me so I'm good.

So basically my fall fashion is the exact same clothing I wear year round.  I rotate 2 pairs of pants, two skirts, and a couple of dresses.  When it is cooler I add leggings.  If there is snow or ice on the ground, I wear boots-otherwise it is sandals.  I live in Texas, you really can wear sandals and not look like a total freak (just kinda odd).

Oh I guess I have one other issue.  I'm cheap.  I have this weird, unwritten rule that I won't go above $20 for a shirt, $25 for pants, dresses, or shoes.  I will break the rules for special pieces but that is rare.  I also really struggle with paying full price for anything.

I guess I just don't really care about fashion.  It isn't that I don't care how I look-I do but I tend to stick with really basic pieces so you could pretty much call my style unremarkable.  And honestly, I'm ok with that.

I mean, if anyone wants to take pity on a girl with no personal style and give me free clothes and guidance-I will certainly not turn you down because I can't deny that there is a bit of pep in my step when I'm feeling cute.

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  1. leggings are everything. i would wear leggings every day of my life if I could. (oh wait I do.)


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