Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween As A Parent: Blogtober14

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Growing up, I was never all that into Halloween. Sure as a kid I was but once I hit middle school, I just wasn't into it. It isn't that I didn't like the idea of creating costumes-it was just that my boobs were so big that even when I wasn't trying to turn a costume sexy (sexy dog) it looked as if I was. Boyfriend still teases me to this day when we hosted a house party in college and all the girls were dressed cute (aka sexy) and I was dressed like someone from the 80s-but when they were ten. 

Now that I'm a mom though, it is so much more fun! Our first Halloween with a kid, Baby was a Dronkey (half donkey, half dragon from Shrek) and she was the cutest one you ever did see. 

This year is Pillow's first Halloween, we don't know what Baby will be. She initially said she wanted to be Elsa (duh) but she is already trying to impress her crush at daycare and said she wanted to be Spider Girl.  I'm not buying a costume until the weekend before-so not only will she not have time to change her mind, she also will have a VERY limited selection.

Last year was the first year that we truly went trick or treating.  My hood was a total bust-we walked two miles almost and only five houses were passing out candy!  Then again, I live in a neighborhood where the median age is 85 (Pillow brought it down from 90) so I suppose everyone was already in bed by dusk.

We will be going to another neighborhood this year to participate in trick or treating.  I'm really excited for the candy that "isn't safe to eat" so that I can eat it.  I'm also a really mean mom because another thing I can't wait to pull the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank on Baby.  I'll be sure to update with the video next month!
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  1. i bet it is really fun to go trick or treating with the kids. and you're right, your boobs don't fit into anything haha!!


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