Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween: Blogtober14

When I asked Baby what she wanted to be for Halloween this year, she immediately said, "Elsa!"  Absolutely no issues with that, we already had the costume and I thought we could make Pillow Olaf or something else equally cute.

Then a couple of weeks ago, she changed her mind.  She said that she wanted to be Batgirl, which was confusing to me.  I asked her why and she said that L (friend (boy) at daycare) likes Batgirl.  She also has recently asked me if L would think a dress is pretty so I think it is safe to say she has her first crush.

Ignoring the fact that my four year old daughter is already trying to dress to please a boy, we went out and bought a Batgirl costume.  The cheap side of me was annoyed at spending $30 for a costume she will wear once until I saw her in it.

Originally Pillow was going to be Robin but after buying a "newborn" costume that wouldn't have fit an average size one year, let alone my 5th percentile 4 month old, we bought her a Batgirl onesie as well.  The cuteness is just overwhelming.

We took the girls to get their pictures made at one of the cheesy department store portrait studios.  We normally dislike these types of photo sessions, but wanted to get something better than my iPhone camera.  I am just totally in love with them, but I guess it really helps when the subjects are adorable.

I'm so excited to take Baby trick or treating.  Last year, she kinda got it but unfortunately our neighborhood, despite walking over two miles, only had FIVE houses with lights on.  This year we are moving one neighborhood over and hopefully will have better luck.

Also-keep an eye out for a post next week.  I am going to pull the Jimmy Kimmel joke and tell Baby I ate all her candy.

Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. ohhh they look precious!! can't wait to see how she reacts about the candy...


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