Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Dream Job: Blogtober14

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My dream job?  Well considering that I just started a brand new position yesterday, I suppose it would be appropriate to say that I'm there-and while in the corporate world, it pretty much is an ideal position, it isn't my dream position.

I didn't always know this would be a passion point for me-in fact I didn't even know that you could have a career doing this before I had Baby four years ago.  If I could do anything in the world and get paid to do it-I would be a Lactation Consultant.

When I experienced so many problems with Baby nursing, I turned to everyone I could for help.  I had some people who gave me little slices of wisdom that helped, and then some gave me extremely damaging advice.  I had one consultant tell me I had a milk blister and gave me a needle to take home and pop it.  I was too nervous too, thankfully, because in reality the white spot wasn't a blister but a vasospasm because of Raynaud's Phenomenon.

I nursed Baby through 17 months of excruciating pain.  My experience with Pillow started out the same but as I mentioned in my story above-we are doing great now.  Truly, I don't experience any painful nursing sessions and I am finally getting the opportunity to know what a healthy nursing relationship is like.

I want to be able to provide any woman the support they need to not go through what I did.  Since having Baby, I have had the most random of people contact me for breastfeeding issues-I suppose it is because I have been so open about my troubles.  I have offered my help in a hopefully non judgmental and supportive way.  I am probably one of the biggest breastfeeding advocates you can find-but I only support it IF it is the right thing for both mom and baby.

I have talked to so many women who gave up because they couldn't get the help they need.  They didn't want to stop-but the problems they are experiencing were just too great to overcome so they gave in.  A lot of the times they looked for assistance, but were given horrible advice and only complicated the matters worse.  

I know that I'm not a doctor-but the amount of time I have spent researching and reading breastfeeding materials (from all credible sources-no babycenter here) has given me a lot of knowledge.  I am passionate about the second most powerful thing a mother's body can do, only coming after giving birth.  I want, should a mother desire it, to empower moms to trust their bodies and help them continue to provide life for their children.  

The only thing that holds me back is the amount of school it takes.  I don't have a completed degree (nor can go back and for reasons that would take a lot to explain) so to be able become one seems almost impossible.  Luckily-even though I don't get the opportunity to have it as a career, offering advice, guidance and support to breastfeeding mothers is something I still have the opportunity to do on a daily basis so I still feel completely fulfilled in that manner.


  1. I LOVE your passion for lactation consulting! While I haven't experienced baby things yet, I totally get it and realize the value of what you could do. I say go for it! :)

  2. I've heard that breastfeeding is so hard for so many women and that their Lactation Consultant truly changed their lives. I think that's an honorable dream job, I hope you get there :)!

  3. Your last paragraph says it all. You are offering support and knowledge through this outlet which is HUGE. i hope others that struggle with it find you!


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