Friday, October 3, 2014

One Thing I Can't Live Without: Blogtober14

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When I was pregnant, I wrote about my absolute love for Bahama Bucks as the one thing I needed daily.  Now that I am not pregnant, I don't go quite as frequent but still make a trip or two a week.
I tried to think of all the things I need in my life and honestly-there really wasn't anything tangible I could think of that I couldn't live without.  Sure there are many things that make my life so much more enjoyable (or functional)-my car, my computer or blankets to cuddle on the couch with my kids.  Also, apparently I can only think of things that start with the letter 'C'.
I started to think about if I was on a deserted island alone, what would I really, really need to make it through the days?  As I was sitting there thinking about it, Baby crawled up into my lap for some hugs and it hit me-I couldn't live without physical touch. 
Physical touch is definitely my love language.  Growing up I can remember cuddling with my parents, crawling into their bed at night and feeling reassured just by sticking my foot into their body (which explains why my daughter's foot always manages to find a spot on my face/stomach/back).

My husband has always known me as someone who needs that physical reassurance of touch.  When we are in a fight disagreement, all he has to do is give me a sincere hug and literally all the tension melts out of my body.  I'm a sucker for snuggles and he knows it.

I'm so thankful that it appears that Baby and I share a love language-it means endless cuddles for me (or for at least for now!).  Pillow on the other hand, well we aren't quite sure how she feels about it.

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  1. first, you need to get your butt to Sno, it is so good. Physical touch is a good one. I don't think humans can really deal with out it!


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