Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Superstitions: Blogtober14

I'm not overly superstitious but I do find myself doing slightly quirky things, just in case.
For example, Boyfriend is definitely superstitious when it comes to sports.  Pillow has to wear the same exact bow every Cowboys game, the only time she wasn't wearing it was the time they lost.
Last night, the Cowboys were playing and of course Pillow was wearing her bow.  I put her to bed and the bow seemed to be pulling at her hair, I almost pinned it onto her sleep sack so she was still wearing it, but it wasn't against her hair.  Then I thought to myself, "If the Cowboys lose, it will be my fault and Boyfriend will be so sad."  So the bow remained.

Update: I woke this morning and noticed the bow had fallen off during the game.  It is my fault they lost, sorry Boyfriend.
There is one light that on my commute to drive through that I hate.  It is a poorly timed cycle and on a huge hill.  I drive a standard and when I get stuck at this light I have moments of temporary panic when I'm trying to go up the hill and not fall back into the car behind me.  I have gotten to the point where if I can get through the light without having to wait-it will be a good day.
I used to wear the same exact interview outfit until I didn't get my first job wearing it.  Never again will I wear that outfit when interviewing for a new position.
 I kiss my hand as I run through a red light.  I make a wish and bang the roof as I drive under train tracks.  I wish upon the first star I see at night.
Like I said-it is quirky things.  Broken mirrors, black cats and going under a ladder doesn't bother me.  I guess I believe more in good fortune than bad.  Unless it is forgetting to have Pillow wear her bow during the Cowboys game, that would be very bad luck.
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  1. I have quirky things I do too. I like the bow story, that's pretty funny!


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