Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What?!: Blogtober14

I adore Boyfriend, truly.  There is no other person on this planet that I would rather spend my days and evenings with.  This also means he has the ability to drive me insane more than any other individual.  

A common scenario in our household: Boyfriend and I are each on our respective couch and in "our" spots.  We are catching up on our DVR or working on our computers, maybe indulging on a yummy snack.  When all of a sudden I hear this noise an I look up to see what could be the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard for most people.

Boyfriend just looks at me and says, "What?!"

I don't know if it is the fact that I am so intune with Boyfriend or what, but he is the loudest eater in the entire planet.  No one else seems to hear it but I can hear every single crunch, gnash and swallow of his food.  He is about 15 feet away but it is like he is right next to my ear.

I feel so guilty that it bothers me so much-all he is trying to do is eat his food so I genuinely try to ignore it.  Without fail though, the anger inside of me just starts to build until finally I just have to give him that glance that lets him know he needs to cool it for a second.  I know it is my own issue and I should never make him responsible for it-but I swear sometimes he might slurp just an extra bit louder to drive me insane.

Recently, one of my friends posted this article which labels my problem-misophonia.  While I don't think I am an actual suffer of misophonia and it is more of a pet peeve with Boyfriend, I certainly understand what those people are going through (though on a very small, limited basis).
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