Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Where is Matthew?:Blogtober14

So the story I am about to tell doesn't exactly seem like a funny story-but every time someone in my family retells it, we always laugh genuinely.   And for some reason, when I read the prompt for today (funniest childhood memory) this was the story that popped into my head.  So here we go!

My little brother, Matthew, was/is the epitome of a child with ADHD.   We always knew boys were more active than girls, but my brother just couldn't stay still and was always finding himself in trouble.  Probably one of my mom's greatest ideas was to put him into judo.

Every parent will tell you that if you suddenly notice it is quiet, that you need to go check in on your kids.  This was especially true for my brother since there was never silence with Matthew. One afternoon, when he was around seven or eight I hear my mother ask, with a panic, "Wait-where is Matthew?!"

We glanced out our windows to see if he was in the backyard, he wasn't there.  I started to walk around the house, I first checked the bathroom since he always seemed to find some trouble there.  Nope.

His bedroom.  Empty.

My bedroom was met with silence as was my parents.

We walked out front and didn't see him and then went out into the backyard.  The silence was deafening.  Until both my mother and I glanced upward to the sky at the same moment and saw something we would have never imagined, even for Matthew.  

Somehow, he had managed to climb to the very tops of the tree in our backyard (higher than the roof of our house).  It was winter time so there were no leaves on the branches and I could see my brother just hanging from one measly, thin branch that was broken and barely hanging on. 

My mother immediately starts to scream and frantically started to search for a ladder.  I remember as I was thinking there was no way a ladder would help we both heard the loudest snap of a branch and watched my brother fall straight down, landing on his back.

His descent seemed infinitely long, I remember seeing his arms flail and my mother screaming.  The amount of fear I felt was something that has yet to be replicated and I hope it never does.  When he finally landed my mom and I rushed over to him, standing over him expecting the absolute worst.
He opened his eyes and said something along the lines of, "ooohf" and jumped straight up, ready to continue playing.

We concluded the fact that he had been in judo is what saved his life-one of the things they teach you is how to fall safely.  Whatever it was, we still all look back at this memory and laugh.  Mostly because it is typical Matthew. Sometime later, I will have to tell you about when he went into my moms car to get a football and managed to not only turn the car on and run into the one in front of her, but then reverse and crash into the one behind him.

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