Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Candy Can Cause More Than a Bellyache

I'm a mean mom sometimes, which includes selfishly playing tricks on my kid to cause a strong reaction.  So of course I've looked forward to the years I could play the Jimmy Kimmel "I ate all your candy" joke on her the morning after Halloween.

First off, my apologies on the vertical video and I didn't even think about the fact that the sun was in her face.  Just too excited!  But as soon as I started and saw her reaction, well my excitement turned to guilt and I felt horrible.

My heart just broke watching her face go from amusement (she thought we were lying) to confusion and then the face of someone experiencing the ultimate betrayal.  Her sobs were of heartbreak for her lost candy and parents who were so mean.  I couldn't hold out for more than 10 seconds to tell her we were just playing.

Well then my little 'tude filled four year old decided to hold a grudge. 

As much as I wanted to be angry at her for throwing my phone to the ground, I only had half the heart to be upset with her.  I was the one who just hurt her feelings and she didn't have the ability to communicate that to me.   

Sadly, this experience was just one of those things that seem more fun than they really are.  Lesson learned.  I'm not against playing harmless jokes on your kids, but I should have known better to do so with my sensitive soul.  Now Pillow on the other hand-I can already tell she is going to be a hardy one, five years from now-game on!
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