Friday, December 5, 2014

Monster Cookies and Other Surprises at the Perot Museum

This past week, Boyfriend and I took a hooky day (work approved so we aren't all that dangerous) and attended a blogger event at the Dallas Perot Museum, kids in tow.  It wasn't our first time there, in fact we were members in the past but this experience completely changed my viewpoint of the museum and gave me an entirely new level of appreciation.
When we arrived, we were escorted to a learning lab room where we were provided a museum catered lunch while we had the opportunity to listen to guest speakers, including CEO Colleen Walker.  To be honest, I was almost tempted to totally ignore her speech so I could stuff my face with this monster sized cookie, it was that good.

Luckily though, I did pay attention and was totally inspired.  Colleen began to dive a little deeper into the Perot's stats-I knew it was a big deal for Dallas, but had no idea just how big of a deal it is.  She impressed upon us the extreme success the museum has enjoyed in just its minimal two years of service for our community, including the numerous awards and recognition.

What touched me though was when she mentioned the Perot will be a part of my children's nostalgia.   I've never thought of it that way, but I do have memories of going to the old science museum in Fair Park on field trips.  I remember first learning about bell curves, hearing the chorus of sounds as each ball fell into it's random slot creating the perfect bell curve.

I love watching my daughters learn.  You can see their eyes light up, the proverbial light bulb clicking, when they have discovered something new.  At the Perot with both the standard and traveling exhibits, there will always be those new opportunities to watch that switch flip for them.

After listening to our guest speakers we were turned loose to explore the museum, including the current special exhibit MathAlive!  While the exhibit was definitely geared towards older kids and up, my daughter still had a blast taking part in all of the interactive parts--from rock climbing, snow boarding and playing with shadows.  The entire family even took part of a "fashion shoot" where it enabled us to have a 360 degree view of our photo.

We had let our membership lapse because I was pregnant and we weren't sure how often we would be able to utilize it.  Now that the youngest is here we are going to renew at the start of the new year-that is if someone doesn't want to get us a member ship (wink, wink) for Christmas.  As a bonus for attending the event, my readers have the opportunity to receive a 15% discount if they call 214-756-5751 and mention "Teh Wifey" blog.

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