Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Absolute Terror

On a recent Sunday, I was trying to take a nap.  It wasn't quite successful, I could hear the baby calling for me and Boyfriend trying to keep the older one quiet.  Him saying loudly, "Whisper!  Mommy is trying to sleep!" isn't exactly conducive to napping.

At some point I hear him open the back door to let her play outside and I heard the sounds of the baby playing in her exersauser. Everything just felt calm and I started to feel that delicious heavy wave of sleepiness overcoming me.  Just as I started to drift off I heard a bone chilling, "DADDY!!!"

I moved faster than I ever had before, yelling to Boyfriend to rush to her.  Half a second later, I hear blood curdling screams coming from my daughter and she was screaming for Boyfriend.  I began to panic, wondering extremity was going to require being in a cast. I have never heard such fear and terror in her voice, I was shaking with worry.

Our living room (where Boyfriend is) has french doors to the backyard where we can see her playing so he yelled to me, as he was opening the door, that she was physically fine.  The entire episode lasted ten seconds, but it felt like an hour.  

Boyfriend ask her what was wrong and she screamed, "A BUG!"

At that point I physically went from feeling panic to relief to anger to laughing at the ludicrousness of it all.  I talked to her (at this point I had joined them in the backyard) and explained to her that while we want to save her from anything scary, bugs and up, she is to never scream like that again unless it is an absolute emergency.  She told me that it was an emergency, which I suppose that I am thankful to her that is the most horrifying thing she has experienced.  Seriously though, we will have to work on understanding the word, "emergency" a bit better.

I tried to lay back down and reclaim my nap time but my nerves were totally shot. We now have a new rule in the house-no outside play alone when Mommy is trying to nap.  

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  1. oh my god! that is scary- I can't imagine the panic! just glad it was just a bug :)


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