Friday, March 20, 2015

An Official Change...

The last few months, I've really struggled when I have attempted to write a post.  I know this is going to sound ridiculous but my use of nicknames for my family members has me totally tied up.
I am not one who uses nicknames on the blog to protect their identity, but I started this blog out using nicknames because in real life--that is what I call them.  Jackson (husband) goes by Boyfriend 90% of the time unless I am really angry with him in which case if Evelyn (known as Baby on the blog) is around she will do a spot on impression of me saying, "Jack-SON!"
Then Penny (Pillow as lovingly referred to while in utero by Evelyn) came along.  Honestly, using the nickname Pillow on my blog just feels really unnatural because I do not call her that in real life.  So I found myself wanting to refer to her as the baby but then I became confused because my first daughter's nickname is Baby.  So ultimately, as silly as my predicament was I just stopped writing for the most part.
So from here on out, daughter #1 will officially be referred to her by her real name, Evelyn, and #2 is Penny.  I will probably still refer to Jackson as Boyfriend, but if I ever make the switch to Jackson-know it is probably because I'm not too pleased with him :)
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Theoretically, I want to use something other than my children's names on my blog. I would like to use their initials; however, their names start with the same initial. Using nicknames feels completely unnatural to me. I can't write about them unless I just use their names. But I try not to write about them in a compromising way. My standards for that will no doubt be different than their standards someday and I'll probably make them mad. I don't mean to.


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