Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm Not a Fruit

The other day a friend and I doing what women do-chat about their bodies.  We were talking about how women's bodies are compared to fruits and I honestly couldn't think of a fruit to compare my body to.  

All of a sudden an image of a popsicle came to mind.  From the hips down I'm pretty stick straight, like a popsicle stick.  I have a flat butt and solid legs-nothing to really speak of.  But from hips up--out of nowhere I have this one continuous shape all the way up to my head.  

While it is hardly my favorite shape to be I suppose I don't mind.  I've always been this way-I remember someone referred to me as a beach ball on toothpicks when I was around ten.  

Well, maybe I care a bit.  I can't control my boob size but I could reduce the amount of overflow that occurs at my waistline.  First I just have to stop eating all those delicious popsicles.  I guess you really are what you eat.


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