Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We Are Going to Disney World!

In just a few weeks, my little family will pack our bags and depart on a trip I have been so excited for  since the day Evelyn declared her love for all things Princess related-Disney World! 
Boyfriend and I have talked about taking Evelyn to Disney World (DW) for a couple of years now.  We actually went to Disneyland June 2011 when Evelyn was just over a year old.  Of course she doesn't remember but we have the pictures to prove she was there and that she loved it. 
In my head, five always seemed like a good age to bring them for the first time.  A five year old is old enough to understand what is going on, but everything is still *magical*.  Boyfriend and I have taken a couple of trips to DW before kids, all during the first week of June immediately following Memorial Day. This week was also successful for us in crowd levels (right before schools let out for the Summer) so our intention was to go around the same time period in 2015.
At the start of the year I looked at my work calendar and realized that there were already vacation requests for that same time period so I wouldn't be able to go.  I thought, "No big deal-we can go in September."  Boyfriend may have a conference in September in Orlando so he would just add onto that trip and we would meet him out there.  I thought to myself that would be great timing since the crowds would be low then since school had started.
I spent about a week pricing out our trip, figuring out how much we needed to save, what special events would be going on, etc. when all of a sudden something hit me.  Sure the crowds would be low because school was in session-but my own kid would be in school.  I had completely forgotten that Evelyn starts Kindergarten this August!
Back to the drawing board on what week to go, it seemed as though the only option was late April (I refuse to go during actual Summer-heat and crowds, no thank you!).  So finding ourselves just over three months out vs nine was a bit stressful but after a lot of work we are ready!
Through all of my planning, I have relied on various websites and blogs to help create a trip as magical as possible.  No longer are the days where you just buy a ticket and go to Disney.  I mean you can, but there are some serious advantages to spending time on the front end planning so that once you are there you can maximize your fun.  These websites and blogs have been so helpful I wanted to contribute our experiences and what I agreed/disagreed with.
My packing list has been written down, itinerary spreadsheets have been created, customized shirts have been ordered-this Phantastic family is ready to go!


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