Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Back To Life...Back To Reality

We are back home from our Disney trip and I'm officially experiencing the post vacation blues.  I will have a full trip recap coming up, which will be split up into a million different blog posts-essentially I'm using my blog as a travel journal.  I knew going in that my trip could be much different than I had envisioned, but honestly-I wasn't prepared for the manner in which it was different.
We had a wonderful trip, don't get me wrong.  That said, I did have expectations that it would be so special and fun that I would have a hard time accepting that we wouldn't be able to return until Penny is five or six. Instead I found myself during the trip saying to myself multiple times, "The only other time we will do Disney with the kids is Penny's trip."  At one point it was so rough I was just ready to call it quits and go home (which may or may not have been thought out of absolute exhaustion).
Now that we are on the other side, and our vacation is finally over I'm sad.  I really did have an amazing eight days with my little family and I wish we were back in the land of magic.


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