Friday, May 29, 2015

Day Three:Maybe Disney World is Fun...

On our third full day at Disney I woke up feeling semi refreshed and ready to hit the parks.  This was the only day we didn't plan to come back for a nap, and I was pretty nervous.  We were going to Animal Kingdom and they have shorter hours than every other park (9-5) so I figured we could power through the full day and have a relaxing evening at the pool.

After another Bounty Platter breakfast, we were first in line for the buses.  We quickly arrived at Animal Kingdom and both Boyfriend and I noticed Evelyn was a little more chipper this morning than she had been the last two days.  We thought maybe Evelyn realized that Disney was a fun place after all.  

After the park officially opened we immediately went to Expedition Everest.  As we were walking, everyone in the family was impressed by the scenery-lush trees and plants, intricate details every where.  We probably took the longest route to get to our destination but once there, Boyfriend was in and out within 10 minutes, I was able to walk straight through myself as well.  I was actually slightly bummed it was a straight walk on for the ride-you could tell there was so much thought and planning into the queue and I wanted to see all of the Everest artifacts Disney had acquired.

After Everest, our next stop was Dinoland U.S.A. for Dinosaur, TriceraTop Spin, and some playtime in the Boneyard. I wasn't sure if Evelyn would like Dinosaur or not-she didn't exactly hate it but it was not a favorite by any means.  

She did however, love TriceraTop Spin.  I don't know why but these type of rides scare me, I suppose I feel like we may fall down/out.  Either way both girls had a blast on it and I was finally getting some great smiles out of Evelyn.

Originally I hadn't intended on having Evelyn play in the Boneyard but I knew she could benefit from some free play.  Once we walked in she was off running around, climbing and sliding.  Eventually we made our way over to the "dig site" where she could dig through a sand and rock box for bones.  We probably spent over 30 minutes just watching her dig by herself.  I think Evelyn was really craving the alone time and the only reason we left was due to an emergency bathroom break.

Our next stop was lunch at Yak and Yeti counter service.  Boyfriend and I got into our first argument here.  I'm actually impressed we went three full days without a little spat, we tend to grate on each other after a full 48 hours together.  He wanted to order the chicken fried rice, I ordered the honey seared chicken with a side of fries and we were all going to share.  When we sat down Boyfriend, with just the slightest edge of annoyance asked me, "Did you order me chicken fried rice or just regular fried rice?" 

I was very confused because there was only one fried rice option-which was chicken fried rice. He explained there was no chicken in his fried rice so it was obviously my fault because I hadn't specified that I wanted to include chicken.  My point was that if there is only one type of fried rice me saying, "an order of the fried rice" would automatically include chicken unless you specified to not include it.

Eventually we discovered a teeny tiny nuggets of chicken and all was forgiven (on both sides) and we headed towards our next destination-It's Tough to be a Bug!  Evelyn loved this show and thought the special effects were really cool.  When we were leaving, we stumbled upon Dugg and Russell.  Up until then we hadn't waited in any lines but I told Boyfriend we had to because I think Russell is his five year old self's doppelganger.  Evelyn refused to even come near us to take a picture.

We had a FastPass+ for the Safari so we headed that way, stopping for a few Memory Maker photos on the way.  This photographer was our favorite and some how convinced Evelyn to pose for a Magic Shot-I think Evelyn's Magic Shot is my favorite Memory Maker picture of the entire trip.  You can just tell how unimpressed she is.

Once on the Safari, Evelyn came alive.  She pulled out her camera and started taking picture after picture of all the animals and getting really excited when she would spot a new one.  Once again, I teared up knowing she will always remember those moments with us.

While in the area, we took the train to Rafiki's Conservation Station where we learned about different animals, saw a baby rhino, Evelyn pretended to be rhino poop and pet a few animals in the affection section.

After our train ride back over, we stopped so that Boyfriend could get a drink and I took one last picture of Evelyn in a good mood before everything changed.

We had a FastPass+ for The Lion King that wasn't for another hour and a half but there was a show that was just starting as we walked by it so we decided to go ahead and go to that show since we were getting pretty hot.  As we were walking up some family was literally running in (they had just announced last call for this show) and ran into Evelyn, knocking her down.  Evelyn became very upset for two reasons-one she was hit by a random woman but the second, she suddenly had all of this stranger attention.  I told the woman she was fine to get her away from Evelyn since it was upsetting her more and she just ran away faster towards the doors.  

Once inside, we of course we end up sitting right next to her (so truly-no need to run) and Boyfriend gave her death stares the entire show.  I felt uncomfortable, while I thought it was ridiculous the woman was running full sprint, I knew it was an accident and she had apologized.  Papa Bear on the other hand was having a harder time letting go.  Evelyn ended up asking to lie down on the bench and fell asleep during the show.

Once it was over we put her and Penny in the stroller and decided we would just let them sleep for an hour or so.  Boyfriend and I found a shaded area and people watched while our girls snoozed.  Eventually it was time for us to go to Finding Nemo so we carried in our sleeping girls to the air conditioned theater which was such sweet relief from the heat. Finding Nemo was enjoyed by all, especially Evelyn once the bubbles started to fall at the end.

After the show we honestly had nothing else we wanted to do but it was about an hour prior to our dinner reservation at Tusker House.  We decided to see if we could get in early and only 20 minutes later we were seated early after taking our family picture.

After our experience at Askershus with the Princess dinner, I wasn't exactly excited for all the characters to come by.  Surprisingly though, Evelyn agreed to take a couple of pictures with Daisy because that is Penny's favorite (as assigned by her big sister).  She still wouldn't look at the camera though and of course what big sister is doing, little sister has to copy.

By the time we had finished dinner the park was officially closed but we took our time walking back to the buses.  Evelyn was excited because we promised her we would go swimming upon our return (which we honored) and she was overall in a good mood.  

Our day at Animal Kingdom was one of my favorite days because by the time we got back to the hotel we were able to swim, eat a snack and get in bed at a very reasonable time. Getting a lot of rest was important because the next day was the day I was looking forward to the most-our first full day at Magic Kingdom!  


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