Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day Two: Can't We Just Go Swimming?

Even though the night prior I slept just as well as I do any other night (aka-not at all) I woke up excited and energized.  Both girls on the other hand were totally out of it and weren't ready to wake up.  We just threw them in the stroller and headed to Pop's food court for another Bounty Platter before heading out to Hollywood Studios.
On our way to the bus stop, I noticed Evelyn massaging Penny's feet-I don't know why, even nearly a year later, I am so in awe of how much she loves her sister.

Our first stop was Rock 'n' Rollercoaster.  While Boyfriend and I took turns, the rested a bit longer which was actually nice because I didn't have to worry about them being ancy to get going to something fun for them.

Since we arrived at park opening, Boyfriend was in and off Rock 'n' Rollercoaster within 20 minutes-he just went through the single rider line. At this point, it was about 9:40 so thought we had plenty of time for me to ride and make it to our first FastPass+ window of 9:20-10:20 for Toy Story Mania (Boyfriend's favorite ride ever).

While it still didn't take me very long-30 minutes from the time I exchanged babies with Boyfriend to exiting the ride, that meant we only had 15 minutes (I had heard they offer a five minute grace period) to get to Toy Story Mania.  Hollywood Studios is not a large park, but you have to walk back through the main entrance area which at this point was very crowded.  I quickly realized, even with us walking at a brisk pace that we would not make our time slot.

I opened the My Disney Experience app and searched for a later FastPass+ time slot and found one for later that evening.  I asked Boyfriend if we should just switch it (with only three minutes to go, accounting for our grace period) and he was insistent on trying.  I knew we wouldn't make it so I just went ahead and switched it, and at 10:25 I told him it was too late. He actually seemed pretty irritated, I started to feel bad because it was my turn on the ride that had caused us to be late but he explained he wasn't at all upset with me-he was just disappointed because he was looking forward to riding Toy Story so much and knew that Evelyn would really get into it.

I thought it was really cute how excited he was and promised him we would be riding his favorite ride later that day.  At this point (and again, throwing out our Touring Plan), we were directly in front of Disney Junior's Playhouse Live on Stage.  There was a show starting in just a few minutes so we parked the stroller and hopped in line.

When we entered the building I felt relief from the heat that was starting to build but also disappointment that we would have to sit on the floor.  Neither Boyfriend and I are comfortable sitting on the ground for extended periods of time and I knew I was going to have to nurse Penny and it is a lot harder to do it (and discreetly) when I'm not in a chair.  Boyfriend ended up ditching me and favored what I referred to as the "Dad wall."

The wait for the show wasn't too long and as soon as it I heard the intro song, my throat started to tighten and I felt (happy) tears welling up.  Evelyn was in awe as she was seeing a real live Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Goofy dancing on stage to songs she knew.  She was smiling in the way she doesn't want us to know she is smiling and whisper singing along-this is what I wanted her to experience.  With each new set of Disney Junior characters appeared she became (quietly) excited and was dancing just enough for me to know she was-even if no one else around could recognize it.

The show was quickly over and Evelyn became about as animated as she did the entire trip collecting "gold doubloons" (tissue paper) that had been thrown out during Jake and the Never Land Pirates set.  As we exited, she asked what was next and I was happy to report to her that we were going to see a Frozen show.

We walked over to the Frozen sound stage, utilizing our FastPass+ which honestly wasn't necessary but with a Frozen fan, it was a must do and I wanted to ensure we got in.  We were able to sit in the front row, unfortunately our wait  was considerably longer-nearly 30 minutes.

Even though the Frozen show is essentially a retelling of the movie and the Elsa and Anna are only part of it for less than five minutes, the entire family enjoyed it.  The story tellers are hilarious and made a ton of jokes that went right over Evelyn's head but made all of the adults laugh. I also learned where Evelyn inherited her desire to not let anyone know she thinks something is funny-I would look at Boyfriend when a funny joke was being told and I could tell he wanted to laugh but was trying not to. We really enjoyed the show and by the end Evelyn was loudly singing along to the lyrics.

Immediately following the show it was time for our lunch reservation at Mama Melrose.  I had made this reservation specifically based off the fact that it was part of the Fantasmic! Dining Experience, which in additional to only utilizing one Table Service credit per person, we also received expedited entrance and reserved seat for Fantasmic! later that evening.  The last time Boyfriend and I went to Disney we skipped Fantasmic! because the line to get in started about 90 minutes prior and we just weren't interested in waiting that long so the lack of wait and priority seating was especially appealing.  Lunch was awesome and our waiter provided the classic Disney customer service you hear about!

By this time lunch was winding down, I could tell everyone was starting to melt apart (or mostly me) so we decided to go ahead and start our afternoon break and headed back to the hotel.  On our way out we saw a couple of Star Wars photo opportunities and Evelyn actually asked to take a picture so that she could show her daycare friends.  I guess she didn't need to smile for her friends.

Once at the hotel we decided to swim again, but I only lasted about ten minutes before I claimed Penny swallowed too much water (my code for it is my nap time) and needed to take her back to our room. I don't know how long Boyfriend and Evelyn remained at the pool but I do know that they came in quietly and fell asleep almost instantly.  I had set my alarm to return to Hollywood Studios by 6:00 pm and was very sad and still sleepy when my alarm went off at 5:00.

We arrived back at Hollywood Studios with quite a bit of time before our next FastPass+, Tower of Terror.  We decided to head over to The Magic of Disney Animation to see if we could partake in a drawing class.  I thought my little budding artist would really enjoy this, even if I knew I would be terrible at it.  Sadly we were the first to arrive once the class had filled up so we walked around a bit, looking at old Disney drawings.  We decided that since we were already on this side that we could just skip Tower of Terror and ride it later on in the week when we would be returning to Hollywood Studios and go straight over to Toy Story Mania because our FastPass+ time was about to begin.

Boyfriend had rightly pumped Evelyn up for Toy Story Mania so she excitedly skipped up to scan  her magic band when we got a big blue light flashed at us (side note-I love how Disney uses positive language, even in their color scheming-no red for us!).  He explained that we not only a bit early-but over an hour early.  

Somehow I had mixed up our FastPass+ time, and while the disappointment on Boyfriend and Evelyn's faces was understandable, at least we were early and didn't skip over the time!  I had noticed that Voyage of the Little Mermaid was about to start as we were walking over to Toy Story so we booked it and hopped in right as they were about to open the doors.  Once again, Evelyn was mesmerized by the show and once again I started to get choked up.  I don't know why I have such an adoration for the Little Mermaid-but I have always loved her.

After the show, we headed over to get Evelyn a popcorn snack and then it was finally time for Toy Story Mania!  Evelyn's face is illustrating just how serious she was about winning.

As suspected, Evelyn had a blast and Boyfriend got a forearm cramp because he takes the games way too seriously.  Evelyn immediately said she wanted to ride it again and I promised her we would later that week.

On our way out we stopped for a couple of Memory Maker photos-not only was Evelyn not interested, neither was Boyfriend.

We headed to Fantasmic! and loved our assigned seating section-front and center.  I was worried they may not do the show, it was extremely windy that evening but once in the amphitheater not only was it not windy, but the air was hot, sticky and still.  I suppose that is by design for the show but it was very uncomfortable us.  It also confirmed that I could never go during the middle of Summer-it was only in the 80s that day but I was sweating profusely. 

While waiting for the show, we broke out some of the glow stick jewelry "Tinkerbell" had left for her which was a great distraction.  Eventually the show started and Evelyn was not at all impressed.  She liked when her favorite characters would come by on one of the boats but that wasn't often enough to keep her interest.  All she kept saying was, "Can't we just go swimming?!"

Once the show was over we hurriedly grabbed our stroller and headed for the exit.  Boyfriend gets grumpy when stuck in masses of people but with us rushing we were able to beat the crowd.  Initially we were going to head for the bus stops but decided that every one else was too so we went to Star Tours which Evelyn was really excited that she could tell her friends at daycare she rode it.

She said she had fun on the ride but when we asked her if she wanted to ride again with Boyfriend doing rider switch, she declined.  Boyfriend didn't care to ride enough alone so we headed towards the bus stop.

Much to Evelyn's disappointment the pool was "closed."  We convinced her that a bath would be just as fun but instead she decided to read us Bible stories in the dark and throw in a bit of her classic sarcasm.

Once story time was over, we all crawled into bed and due to the magic of Disney-we all fell asleep quickly!

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