Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Recap:Kinky Art, Black Eyes and Chicken Fried Fish

My mom is an artist in every sense of the word-beyond her phenomenal artistic talent she is as quirky and odd they come.  All of my mom's art has hidden meanings and suggestive messages.  Take the following photograph for example. My mother says this was for a self portrait, I think it just means she was into some very kinky things prechildren.
My grandmother lovingly displays a painting my mom did in her home of a woman from the chest up dressed in a blue power suit (this painting was made in 80s) looking down at a bouquet of delicate tulips in her hand.  A blue hat is covering her face, her hair perfectly falling to her shoulders. 

My grandmother loves this painting-she hangs her daughter's art with the same pride I hang up Evelyn's macaroni art on my fridge.  What my grandmother doesn't know about the painting is if you look very closely and study the curves of the woman's hands, her ever so softly off coloring-you will discover that my mother has painted a picture of a woman who has passed and lying in her casket at her funeral.

What does my mother's painting and Mother's Day have to do with each other?  My loving family decided to start my day off letting me know I only looked one step up above my mom's dying subject.  Boyfriend told me I looked like I had gotten into a fight, my under eye circles were so dark.  Evelyn let me know that my skin was really bumpy and my forehead stripes (wrinkles) were getting bigger.  Luckily for them, my emotional skin is thicker than the skin below my eyelids and their comments didn't ruin my day one bit-in fact it was the best Mother's Day yet!

I had wanted to sleep in and Boyfriend took Penny out of bed around 7:00 but because I'm a mom-I could still hear her fussing no matter how far away he went.  Around 8:00 I finally got myself out of bed and she happily jumped into my arms.  The next best thing to sleeping in is cuddling your baby.

As we do every year, we didn't make reservations for the big day until the week of so all the true brunch places were booked up (unless we wanted to pay $60+ per head for a buffet) so I booked us at Amberjax in Trinity Groves and it far exceeded my expectations.  I even got to experience brunch-chicken fried grouper and cornmeal pecan waffles & bacon.  So dang good.

Along with her quirkiness, my mom is also oddly picky about restaurants-her favorite place is IHOP and she hates Breadwinners.  Such an embarrassing statement for this foodie.  Amberjax didn't disappoint her either though, so it was a total Mother's Day win.

After lunch we came home and I napped with the girls, waking a full two hours later.  That two hours of sleep was pure bliss considering that was the longest stretch of sleep I have had in weeks.  Also, despite the fact that I genuinely mean I don't need presents-Boyfriend got me a King Spa gift card which gives me the opportunity to get a guilt free massage when I go with my girlfriends in a few weeks.

My night ended with homemade sushi (that was a fail but I did have leftover cake for dinner instead-so win?) and a head massage from Evelyn.  It warmed my heart when she told me that she was going to give me an extra long massage because it was Mother's Day-I loved that she understood on her own that the day was to be extra special for me!

I know my day was pretty low key and not really much to speak of, it was the first where I felt like my family really honored my position.  And if I look as bad as they tell me I look-I should at least get a little something out of it!

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