Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The 1,564th Time is the Charm

As someone who is often in a state of nostalgia, I absolutely love Timehop.  I frequently go back and read old blog posts, check in on old Facebook photos, peruse my handwritten journals dating back to my high school years.  I find it especially entertaining for me to see exactly what was happening X years ago.
You know what isn't fun?  Seeing a Timehop from five years ago which was exactly six weeks after having your first baby and seeing that you were in better shape at that point then you are now nearly eleven months after your second.

I started off weighing exactly the same for each pregnancy, I managed to lose my baby weight both times-but with my first I lost a considerable bit more but it all came back over the four years between my first and second.  I don't really care how much I weigh-but I do wish that I had more clothing options and people didn't continue to ask when I was due because of my roundish belly.

I've signed up for a bootcamp at work-twice a week I will be working out with my coworkers.  I'm hoping that since I have to be at work and it is literally outside my office doors I won't use the same excuses I normally use.  It starts at the end of this month-my only goal is to not skip one workout.

Boyfriend and I are on a mission to be healthier.  We aren't naturally healthy individuals-we enjoy the "bad" foods way too often, I'm not incredibly active (Boyfriend is) and if given the choice I will lounge on the couch vs going for a walk almost any day.  While none of these things are bad in moderation, moderation is not the example we are setting for Evelyn and Penny.  

I've declared that I want to make healthier changes 1,563 times so even I don't believe myself when I say this time is different.  All I can do is trust myself and my ability to make the changes I want to see myself make and stick to it.  So here goes!


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