Monday, June 1, 2015

Day Four: I Want to go Home

 I woke up so excited for our Magic Kingdom day.  Now that Evelyn was starting to get into the groove of things, I knew she would love it.  Magic Kingdom also had the most rides we could ride together as a family which was something I was looking forward to.

I woke up everyone really early because we had an 8 am reservation for Crystal Palace.  We all got dressed in our matching shirts and for the most part, everyone was pretty peppy.  That lasted all of five seconds after we opened the door though-we could tell it had been raining quite a bit and would continue to do so for awhile.

I didn't let it bother me, in fact I was slightly excited because I knew that the crowds would be even less.  As we started on our walk from the bus to Magic Kingdom, we were all practically skipping with excitement, even Evelyn.

While waiting for our early entrance to Magic Kingdom it started to rain.  We hadn't bought ponchos for any of us (well except for the stroller) so I hopped in the gift shop in the entrance and purchased one for each of us.  Evelyn refused to put hers on-she quite liked playing in the rain.  I convinced her to sit in the stroller just long enough for us to get to Crystal Palace, otherwise I knew she would freeze during breakfast.

Breakfast was great-Evelyn refused to meet any of the characters but Penny was having so much fun.  Penny would laugh and smile at all of them, it was a ton of fun having everyone fawn all over her.

After breakfast, I looked at our Touring Plan for the day and immediately threw it out the window.  With the (now pouring) rain I knew crowds would be lower and it wouldn't be needed.  Evelyn was having a blast running around in the rain and was just so spirited.  I couldn't believe that it took her getting poured on for her to be so happy.  

Our first stop was Dumbo but by the time we got there, Evelyn went from happy and exuberant to sullen and quiet.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me that her soaked feet in her cowgirl boots were bothering her.  I had a feeling this would happen and knew if we didn't get her an alternate form of shoes, she would be miserable all day.

We started walking around to all the gift shops and was unable to find any sandals until finally we found some super cute Minnie thong type sandals with a simple elastic band on the back.  After our impromptu souvenir purchase we were back in game and headed towards Dumbo.

We went on a few more rides in the area and Evelyn's steam (and mood) started to diminish-I also noticed Boyfriend, as much as I could tell he was trying to stay positive, was getting cranky.  Penny had fallen asleep in the carrier so I was half way protecting her from getting soaked but she was cold and eventually everyone (except me) was in poor terrible spirits.

The rain was forecast for the entire day, not the typical afternoon showers-but severe storms all day.  I didn't want to give up, but the moods of my family was rubbing off on me making me feel miserable.  They couldn't help it-Boyfriend and Evelyn are much less "go with the flow" type of people but we were in Disney for goodness sake!  Any day in the rain at Disney is better than a day at home!  Not for this family though, so I finally called it and we headed back to the hotel.

I know this is totally dramatic but I felt totally defeated.  I was disappointed in everyone's sour moods and wanted to enjoy our vacation.  I know I wasn't helping the situation by trying to force happiness and overall it was a terrible mess.  I just wanted to go home at that point.

Well you know what they say after a good nap-actually, I don't know what they say exactly but I know it refers to the fact that moods and spirits are improved.  We all woke up after a nearly three hour nap in a much better, and lighter mood and the skies were right along with us showing us glimpses of the sun.

We headed back to Magic Kingdom in dry clothes and happy hearts.

We had an early dinner reservation for Be Our Guest but had time to hit up a few rides prior to our seating.  Evelyn gave Boyfriend a preview of her driving skills and Penny and I kicked Boyfriend's bottom on Buzz.

We had a 4 pm reservation for Be Our Guest (the first dinner reservation) and were seated right away in the main ballroom.  I was so impressed with just the over grand feeling of the ballroom and immediately felt like this was a special meal.  Dinner was absolutely delicious, and I was relieved because I read so many mixed reviews online.

I had asked Evelyn if she would be interested in meeting Beast and she immediately said no but as he walked through the dining room she seemed a little interested so when we were finished eating dinner, we went ahead and walked into the study to meet him.  

We didn't stay too much longer, we went on a few more rides (including getting stuck on the People Mover which freaked Evelyn out a bit) and met Ariel, my favorite Princess.

Once it was dark we decided to go ahead and head back to our hotel to go swimming.  Swimming was obviously Evelyn's favorite part of the entire trip so we decided we would try to go as often as we could for the rest of the trip.  One last family picture and we were back on the bus.

I didn't stay very long at the pool that evening, it was extremely cold and Penny's lips were turning blue within minutes.  We headed back to the room while Boyfriend and Evelyn stayed for about an hour.  Once they were back in, we showered and hopped into bed-getting ready for yet another meal at Be Our Guest and our second (and hopefully more successful) day at Magic Kingdom.

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