Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day Five: Finally We Can Relax

I was a little worried about our second full day at Magic Kingdom after the day before.  We had another 8 am reservation at Be Our Guest for breakfast-I wasn't sure if it was the best idea to get moving so early but the crowds were expected to be higher and I was hoping to avoid that.  Also, our FastPass+ for the Frozen sisters wasn't until 4:30 in the afternoon and I was hoping we could meet them first thing that morning so we could have a longer afternoon break.  Evelyn wasn't exactly ready to wake up that morning.

In fact, she slept straight through the bus ride and the entire walk through the park to Be Our Guest.

Once inside Be Our Guest, she woke and was very excited to sit inside the room with the rose and Beast's portrait.  It was themed very well and the ominous thunder was very convincing-I started to worry that it was raining again!

The park didn't officially open until 9 am that morning, we were done with breakfast by 8:40 so we headed towards Fairytale Hall where you lined up to meet Anna and Elsa.  We saw that there was a line of about five families starting nearby and figured out that is where they were holding people until the park officially opened.  We jumped in line, excited that we were so close to the start-it meant we wouldn't have to wait until 4:30 for our FastPass+ time!

Once the park officially opened, Cast Members walked us to the queue where we waited no more than 20 minutes to meet the sisters.  First we met Anna and Evelyn had told me to ask her (because there is no way she was actually going to talk to her herself) if she brushes her teeth because on coronation day it doesn't show her brushing her teeth.  Anna actually seemed surprised by this question and then jumped right in and told her that of course, especially with how much chocolate she eats.

Next up was our meeting with Elsa, who asked Evelyn all about her cowgirl boots.  I had to answer for her (duh) but the attention quickly turned to Penny who was busy feeling up Elsa.  Seriously, Penny wouldn't stop touching her dress!

A kiss on the cheek (for Penny) later, we were headed back out to he park feeling very accomplished.  I had convinced Evelyn to ride Splash Mountain with me so that was our first stop-she was excitedly nervous.

She was having fun, that is until the actual drop.

She looks absolutely terrified and I suppose she was, but she told me she had a "little bit of fun" but seemed to enjoy the fact that I was soaked much more than anything.  She was hopping around as soon as we got off so I guess there wasn't too much damage.

Evelyn was in a great mood and I was really excited-it was going to be a great day!  All of a sudden though, while lining up for our next experience, Storytime with Belle, Evelyn lost it.  I mean really lost it-she was crying and throwing a fit refusing to walk.  She was screaming, we were definitely those parents with that kid.  I don't know if the heat was getting to her (it was pretty warm) or what but she was completely acting out.  Eventually I just said screw it and decided we would head back to the hotel, disappointed. 

We experienced a bit of pixie dust (as Disney fans like to call it) because the Cast Member working the queue had witnessed Evelyn's meltdown and handed us a FastPass+ good for any ride, anytime that day.  Since we were right next to the new 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, we decided to go ahead and distract Evelyn and use it then.  

Boyfriend went first and had a blast on it.  I asked him if it was scary and  he said not at all and the Evelyn would probably like it so she joined me.  He was right, Evelyn now says that it was her favorite ride.  

Now that Evelyn was in a better mood we decided that we didn't want to push our luck and headed back to the hotel for a nap and some swim time.  Repeating our routine of "Penny is swallowing too much water," I didn't stay long out at the pool and got a great nap in.  I woke to find my entire family passed out (I didn't even hear Boyfriend and Evelyn return from the pool) and was excited when everyone woke in a great mood.  

We had reservations that evening for the Tomorrowland Terrrace Dessert Party (now known as Wishes Dessert Party) but decided to head up and  hit a few rides prior to our reservation.  We were finally able to get a picture of all of us in our matching shirts!

We really enjoyed the dessert party (full review to come later) and we watched our first set of fireworks from a great location.

After the fireworks were over we headed back to the hotel and got in bed rather quickly.  This night we were all excited because the next day-we had no official plans and didn't have to set an alarm!

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