Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day Seven: The Last Day

Even though I had anticipated we would be sleeping in on our last day at Disney, around 5:15 I woke up and had a moment of panic-I realized that I had booked a second Be Our Guest 8 am reservation for that day and had forgotten to cancel it.  I didn't want to pay $40 due to my mistake (there is a $10 fee per person) so I woke up Boyfriend and the girls, as hard as it was to do.

Evelyn actually woke up in a wonderful mood-we reminded her that it was our last day at Disney and she replied, "Yay! Now I get to go back to daycare!"

Well ok then.

Everyone started to get ready for the day and we headed out to Magic Kingdom for our last breakfast at the park.  Prior to breakfast we wanted to take one last family photo in front of the castle.  Evelyn refused but as always, Penny was happy to play along.

Our photographer wanted to take a Magic Shot with Penny so he walked up closer to us.  He looked at me funny and finally said, "Can I say something without you getting offended?" I laughed and told him sure to which he said, "Can you please cover up your breast?"

After looking down, my left boob was practically hanging out and would have added a different version of magic than he was going for with Penny.

Fully covered and hungry we walked over to Be Our Guest.  Once again, breakfast was a fun (and fast) experience.

We had already done everything we wanted to do at Magic Kingdom so we hit up a few of our favorites and took some time to just play around looking at the scenery.

We also took the extra time to shop for souvenirs.  I was actually very worried about this part of our trip-Evelyn asking for a lot of souvenirs. I wasn't sure exactly how much to budget for it-I didn't want to go overboard but I also wanted her to be able to pick out a few meaningful mementos.  For her birthday, she actually asked for Disney gift cards so she had $150 in her pocket to burn on her own and surprisingly the entire week she had not asked for one thing.  The only thing she knew that she HAD to buy was Penny a Daisy Duck toy.

We didn't find anything she really wanted on Main Street (which I still don't know how she couldn't-I think it was just too overwhelming) but I did find something I wanted!  We had silhouettes of the girls made together, not only did we get one for us but we also got one for my mom since Mother's Day was coming up.  Easy peasy! 

After we finished our silhouette, we realized it was time to head back to the hotel for our last swimming break.  I had a wave of sadness come over me knowing that our trip was starting to come to it's end.  I asked my family to take a picture of us waving goodbye to the castle and the little girl who refused to happily participate in any picture was animatedly waving goodbye for this photo opportunity.

We spent the rest of the day swimming and napping and ended our last night with a meal at Ohanas overlooking Magic Kingdom during the fireworks.  It truly was a perfect last meal and while I was sad our trip was over, I was ready to get home.


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