Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day Six: Our Favorite Day

We didn't wake up until 9:30 on our sixth day at Disney, but when we did everyone was in a great mood.  Finally getting some quality sleep made all the difference in the world and set us up for a great day-in fact collectively our favorite day of the trip!

After taking our time to get ready we decided to head over to Contempo Cafe for a food court alternative since there weren't really any places in Hollywood Studios (our planned park for the day).  Evelyn loved taking the monorail!

Our lunch was awesome and we walked around for awhile and enjoyed the pleasant weather.  It was actually on the cooler side with the wind and I was thinking that I may end up purchasing a sweatshirt because if I wasn't in the sun, I was chilly. 

Once at Hollywood Studios we did another round of Rock'n'Rollercoaster since it was Boyfriend's favorite ride and then since it had a short wait time, he went on Tower of Terror.  Evelyn, Penny and I waited outside watching people come out of the ride excitedly talking about their ride experience. 

Evelyn asked me if she was tall enough to go on the ride and I told her she was but that the ride was pretty scary.  She told me she didn't care and wanted to go on it.  I had such an internal battle-I didn't want to tell her it was too scary for her but was so nervous that the experience would cause her to be fearful of other rides.  Ultimately, I explained to her every part of the ride, we watched a ride video and she decided that she did want to go on so when Boyfriend came out, in the line we went.

I was SO impressed by my girl-there were people in front of us who went out the chicken exit as we were lining up so I knew how big of a deal it was for her to go.  As we climbed into our elevator and took our seats, I could tell she was getting very nervous so I assured her that while it may seem scary she was safe and I would never, ever take her on a ride that she could get hurt.

She was having a blast going up and loved watching the story part of the ride-yelling, "Those are fake ghosts!!"  She was almost giddy, that is until we took the first drop (back left).

As we dropped over and over, I was having to push her down, she was completely free falling out of her seat.  She was literally biting my shoulder to stifle her screams.  I felt so terrible the entire time-I hated that she was so petrified.

As the ride came to an end everyone around us turned around and told her how awesome and brave she was and she seemed to really take it to heart because she exited the ride jumping around and was so excited to see Boyfriend waiting for us.  Y'all my heart was just bursting with pride because of the bravery she showed-I know it is just a ride but it meant a lot to us.  It's funny-she could brave Tower of Terror, but she just couldn't brave having a stranger take a picture of us.  

After Tower of Terror we went on Toy Story again (Boyfriend won by a landslide) and a few other rides before we hit up Art of Animation for our drawing lessons.  I'm definitely not an artist and Evelyn got really frustrated because it went so fast (she is a bit of a perfectionist) but it was really fun!  

Boyfriend's Drawing

My Drawing

Evelyn's Drawing

We left in the early evening to head to the Grand Floridian for our dinner at 1900 Park Fare.  Evelyn was in a great mood and willingly took a smiling picture with us and then wanted to take a picture with Penny because we were "sad our trip was almost over."

We arrived just a bit early at Grand Floridian but they still took our family picture and seated us early.

Evelyn was once again shy with all of the characters, but Penny was enjoying herself so much.  She just loved Prince Charming!  I'm worried we may have a flirt on our hands.

Even though we had slept in and got a late start, we were exhausted.  It was obvious that our nearly week away was starting to get to us.  We headed home to our hotel, Boyfriend and Evelyn swam for a bit but then we all snuggled into bed, knowing that we had another morning to sleep in late.

Spoiler alert-we didn't sleep in at all due to something important I had forgotten!

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