Friday, June 26, 2015

Father's Day Recap: Beaches, Cajun Greek and Fecal Matter

Before I recap last Sunday, Evelyn made a One Day video for Boyfriend.  I love One Day videos because somehow they always seem to highlight our best attributes as parents.

Boyfriend expressed that he would like to spend Father's Day on the beach so we took our toot smelling, Avenger playing guy down to Galveston for a day in the surf and sun.

In actuality-we woke up at 6:00 am for our 7:30 am flight with it pouring rain.  I checked the weather in Galveston and saw that it wasn't expected to rain and the storm was rapidly leaving Dallas.  I hadn't packed our bag yet (we were just flying down for the day) so I ran around grabbing swim suits, towels and some TSA approved snacks.  

We left the house a little after 6:30 and I realized we weren't going to make it but I knew there was another flight leaving at 8:00 if we didn't.  Somehow though, we arrived at the gate at 7:15 and we were able to easily find two rows in front of each other with window seats open (when you travel with car seats, you are required to have the car seat next to the window).  

We picked up our rental car from Enterprise (my favorite car rental company) and started our drive down to Galveston.  We always rent the cheapest car-typically an Economy class and it has never been a problem before but Evelyn was freaking out because Boyfriend was practically in her lap since we were driving in a Scion.  Going forth, we may just spend the extra few dollars to get a full size car to avoid those meltdowns. 

Once at the beach, we just stopped at the first open spot along the seawall.  We set up a tent for shade which also doubled as a private space for us to change into our swim suits.  Evelyn immediately ran down to the ocean and started playing-I took just a few pictures but then put the phone up and didn't bring it out again until several hours later when we were leaving.

Both girls were obsessed with the water.  Penny just loved covering herself with the wet sand and splashing, Evelyn ran around jumping over waves and splashing her daddy.  I've heard the saying, "day at the beach" in reference to a really great day and I understand why-we just played together and enjoyed being there.

After awhile we were getting hot and hungry so we decided to pack up for lunch with intentions to do round two of beach time after.  Boyfriend had asked a high school friend for some lunch recommendations and one of them was called Cajun Greek.  I couldn't quite wrap my head around the concept but Boyfriend was intrigued and since it was Father's Day, we deferred to his preference.  

It happened to be a really wise choice (and recommendation) because we enjoyed our lunch immensely.  I didn't quite get the Cajun vibe other than the fact that their seafood had a blackened option.  I had a really tasty salad and tzatziki with pita.  Boyfriend really enjoyed his fresh fish-if you are in Galveston and looking for something a bit different definitely the place to go.

We were going to head back to the beach for a couple more hours but after seeing that both girls looked like they were about to pass out from exhaustion we decided to get some ice cream and then head back to the airport.  We went to La King's Confectionery  and we also let Evelyn pick out some candy to bring home.  Penny seemed a bit (or a lot) jealous she couldn't have any.

Both girls immediately fell asleep as we drove back to the airport.  I even found myself nodding off which I felt a bit guilty for-I know Boyfriend was tired and would have appreciated a Father's Day nap but he was driving.  We made it to the airport just in time for the 6:00 pm flight and Boyfriend did get to take his nap on the flight home.  

Our trip was just over 12 hours total but so much fun.  I love having my flight benefits and getting to go to the beach, just for the day.  Unfortunately, just a few days later Galveston beaches tested high for fecal matter so I don't know how soon we will be making the trip again.  I know Galveston waters are brown but when someone was quoted to say that swimming in the beach was equal to swimming in a toilet, well that is a little bit too much imagery for me!

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