Monday, June 29, 2015

Penny Lea is One!

I really struggled with Penny's birthday.  I wrote this the night before her birthday, hours before I rocked her as the clock turned to midnight, tears running down my face over my baby not being a baby anymore.  I finally fell asleep but jolted awake at 5:05 the next morning, the exact time she had been born one year prior.

As wistful as I had been the prior evening, I woke up with happiness in my heart and was so excited to celebrate my little girl.  

We had a small party at my mom's house with strawberry cake and friends.  It was the perfect one year old birthday party--short and sweet, just like her.

I know you shouldn't compare your kids but it is actually one of my favorite things to do as a mom of two.  I love seeing the differences and the similarities.  At one, Penny has a much bigger and demanding personality than her sister did at her age.  She is the sweetest girl-making sure that if she offers a kiss to one family member, every other family member around gets a kiss only to start a contagion of kisses. 

To balance out her kind side, she can flip a switch and show true anger.  Mostly directed at her sister, this tiny 17 pound package holds her own and makes sure that no one takes advantage of her.  I have never seen something so little make such an angry noise and face, I try not to smile but can't help it.

Like her sister, she loves to make people laugh.  If she catches us laughing at something she does, she will repeat it over and over again to illicit a chuckle.  If we dare not laugh at her performance, she will cock her head back, laughing, to make sure we know she is still being funny.

The bond she and her sister share is incredible.  I knew it was likely they would grow up close, but had no idea their relationship would already be so deep, so early.  Just in the past few weeks I have witnessed Penny trying to do everything just like her sister and it makes Evelyn so stinking happy. Hopefully the harmony lasts!

The last year was full of adjustments, tears of frustration and sleepless nights. It was worth every moment of genuine love, pure happiness and hearts that are completely content knowing that Miss Penny Lea has completed our family.


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