Sunday, June 14, 2015

We Went to Disney! A Few Last Thoughts

We are at a little over a month since we have returned from our Disney trip.  I read about the "Disney Blues" that people experienced after returning home from a trip and I definitely experienced them-but I think for a reason other than most people do. 

This just was not remotely the trip the trip we had dreamed. We knew it would be different than our expectations but I wasn't prepared for the amount of disappointment I experienced.  This may sound silly to anyone who hasn't planned a Disney trip-but I found myself feeling incredibly sad when I went into the Disney store at the mall, so much that I didn't even want to be in there one minute longer.

I can't say that we had a bad trip-we didn't!  It was a wonderful week with my family and we have a lot of great memories but it makes my heart have all the feels when I think of how much distress the entire trip caused Evelyn.  As a parent, you never want to be the one responsible for heartache of your children, especially when your intentions were for joy.

Boyfriend and I found ourselves saying more times than we can count, "When we are here for Penny's trip..." figuring out how we will do things differently.  I feel confident we will not return to Disney World until we bring Penny around her fifth birthday.  That said, I have been working on Boyfriend to convince him we should go to Disneyland as a "redo" while Evelyn is still young and things will still be magical. 

Now that I am further removed from the trip, I am able to look back fondly on our trip.  I absolutely would (and will) do things differently the next go around but I suppose that is how most big things in life go-you live and learn!


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