Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life in Bullet Points

Sometimes I don't really have an update worthy of an entire blog post, but I have random happenings that I just want to make note of.  So in honor of that:

* Evelyn starts school in three weeks, two days.  I apparently was supposed to order her school uniforms a week ago, whoops.  I'll get on that this weekend, hopefully.  And if not-well we just will have to keep her home for one more year, fine by me!

* I cut 14 inches of hair off.  I'm a bad blogger and don't have a picture (yet) but will post soon.  I don't know why, but I'm actually surprised at how much lighter my head feels.  (Side note-before I edited this blog, I originally included the disclaimer "off my head" to explain where I cut my hair.  Why I thought that clarification was necessary, I'm not sure-I can't think of any other place you could grow 14 inches of hair and if it were possible otherwise I would NOT admit to that, no matter how open I may be!)

* Also speaking of my hair, I was generously gifted a deluxe sample of Deva Curl line.  I have had curly hair since I was 19 and hardly ever wear it curly.  While I'm still not convinced (especially with my short hair) the after photo of my curls (pre chop) has me almost convinced.  

* I have only been on the Bachelor/ette bandwagon for three or four seasons now but now am an avid "fan."  I find that it is mostly an excuse to have a dedicated night to be lazy on the couch and have something to share with my friends.  While I am excited for Bachelor in Paradise and the ridiculous drama I am SO FREAKING ANNOYED that it is a two night commitment.  This may be where I jump ship.  

*Boyfriend and I have an (expensive) goal to eat at every restaurant at Trinity Groves.  We haven't dined at many yet-Amberjax, Off Site Kitchen and Sugar Skull Cafe, all with a stop at Cake Bar after.  We have been beyond impressed at each spot and can't wait to visit more, especially in the Fall when we eat on the patio and play on the bridge.  

Awww...family photo on the bottom corner

* Boyfriend and I have officially scheduled our first nights away from both girls!  He has a conference in Orlando so I am going to tag along on the front end and we are going to go to Universal Studios.  I'm pretty darn excited! 

* It is almost time for our yearly garage sale.  I've been in the process of decluttering and want to sell/donate everything.  I'm a minimalist on the outside, hoarder in the inside.  So basically my house looks pretty decluttered, until you open drawers and closets.  I think I have hit my breaking point though and just need it gone.

*I'm still sleeping and it is the BEST THING EVER.


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