Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Short Shorts

It was 12 years ago this month that I signed up for an Express credit card, influenced by the BFF so we could buy matching terry cloth outfits.  I remember feeling so cute in my short shorts with a matching short sleeve zipper jacket, I loved them so much I purchased several sets in multiple colors. 

Those terry cloth outfits were my summer uniform in 2003.  I was a lifeguard and swim instructor and when not working, I was swimming with my friends or brand new boyfriend.  These outfits were perfect to throw on over my swimsuit and get going to the next place.

I've lost all but one pair of the shorts, the black ones above.  Parts of the shorts are so thin and strained, I've lost the drawstring and one of the metal eyelets has gone missing.  Yet I still love these shorts and wear them often (at home).

They are much more fitted than they were a decade ago, but magically they still hang around my hips as they did in the early years.  These shorts symbolize the start of my relationship with Boyfriend, I remember how he would touch the material and tease me that I was wearing a literal towel outfit. I have memories of him jokingly (or not) hiking them up around my waist so he could get a better view of my butt.

I was wearing these shorts when we decided that we would be together forever, laying on the couch talking about our future children and what our home would look like.  I was wearing these shorts when my father had a stroke and I cried in Boyfriends arm's for the first time.  I was wearing these shorts when my father lectured Boyfriend about us spending "alone time" together.

Sometimes I get frustrated with myself over how I hoard certain things, especially if the item can recall a multitude of emotions.  I'm trying to be better, I've consolidated my two bursting closets into one, organized one.  I throw away tshirts that are no longer wearable, I donate clothing that I just can't/won't wear.

But these ratty shorts, the ones that are too short to wear in public-they mean too much to me to get rid of so until I can no longer fit in them or the rip apart they will continue to be found in my laundry basket.


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