Friday, July 24, 2015


I love the feel of Summer.  I don't mean the literal feeling-the extreme heat, the inability to cool your internal body temperature after being outdoors for more than five minutes or the mosquitoes that eat me alive the moment I set my feet outdoors.  

What I am referring to is the relaxed pace everyone seems to adhere to (probably because if you risk moving too fast, you have sweat stains for days), the longer nights knowing you can sit in the backyard enjoying the later sunsets (doused in bug spray).  Getting to catch the sunrise each morning as I leave work and getting to experience the beauty of nature with my oldest.

I love the foods of Summer:BBQ, fresh fruits and veggies, ice cream and popsicles.  Sure I can get these foods year round but they taste so much better during Summer.

For the first time ever, our Summer is ending, not because we are entering Fall but because we are starting a brand new season of life-school.  I have such mixed feelings on this, one day I'm excited for Evelyn and the very next hour I'm digging my feet in the sand trying to anchor us to our current life.

These last few weeks of Summer (four to be exact) we will be spending our evenings playing outside in the sprinklers, staying up late watching scary movies (Evelyn's favorite) and taking evening walks to discover all the creatures in our neighborhood.  

Summer may be almost over, but I know we have filled our girls memories with happy times.  Water balloon fights, dinners consisting of only Bahama Bucks Snocones and trips to the splash park, I think I can safely say my girls too, are lovers of Summertime.


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