Friday, August 7, 2015

Allergic to Running, Version Two

This past weekend Boyfriend was meeting some friends to play tennis so the girls and I decided to join him. Evelyn asked Boyfriend to teach her how to play so he patiently taught her some basic skills before his friends came.  Her lessons were totally unlike mine, she was still smiling and looking forward to her next one.  After my first (and only) lesson I was crying and wanted a drink.  Luckily dads can be more patient with their kids than their spouse.

While Boyfriend was playing tennis, Evelyn decided that she wanted to run around the track.  Evelyn took off, running the entire distance of one loop-Boyfriend said it was a quarter of a mile, but no matter what it was I was super impressed.  Penny was devastated she couldn't join her sister.  

I continued to ignore Penny's heartbreak so I could get a selfie with my new haircut.  Bad mom.


When Evelyn finished (and not even out of breath I might add!) she sat next to me and started scratching.  And the scratching eventually led to her clawing at her skin, all over.  I thought maybe it was the grass so we moved back to the tennis courts and I couldn't see any sort of skin irritation, beyond where her scratch marks were.  Then she started freaking out, slapping her head and screaming that she was itchy from the inside.  I started to get really worried because she was FREAKING OUT.  

I grabbed both kids and told Boyfriend I was going to go get her some Benadryl.  About 20 minutes after taking it she seemed much better and within 30 minutes she passed out.  Boyfriend was done playing tennis by this time and I was telling him about what had happened.  I told him it was just so confusing that she was so itchy when he made a joke about how maybe she was allergic to running like I am.

Once he said that, I knew he was right.  The way she was reacting is exactly the same way I react when I start itching.  It is this deep, internal itch that makes you feel like you are going to lose your mind.  I feel terrible she inherited this, but at least she is my artistic one and may never be all that interested in running distances anyway!


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