Thursday, August 27, 2015

It All Started With a Makeout Mix

Even before our first date, Boyfriend gave me a mix CD titled "Makeout Mix, Volume 1."  I remember thinking that 1)That is very presumptuous to assume we would be making out at some point and 2)He anticipated we would be together long enough to have more than one volume of mixes.

We were just babes when we fell in love.
While we haven't quite gotten to volumes that Now That's What I Call Music has (currently at 55 and counting) we have had quite a few volumes between the two of us.  We even created a special one for our wedding favors, which sadly never got passed out so we had 200 homemade CDs in our garage until their recent demise on the last clean out.

During one of our moves, I had lost the original Makeout Mix and have been trying to recreate it over the last year or so.  It was so frustrating, I listened to that CD literally hundreds, if not thousands of time, but I was having the hardest time remembering all 13 tracks.

Just recently, I remembered the very last track that had been missing and am happy to share with you the Makeout Mix that started it all.

As I listen to each one of these songs, memories come crashing over me-driving around in my Ford Escort blasting Dashboard's Hands Down or listening to Question by Old 97's and wondering if he would use that song for our future proposal (he did).  Each one of these songs are so intrinsically intertwined with the foundation of our relationship, I can't help but feel a bit more love towards Boyfriend when I listen to them.

As much as I love Spotify and all of our electronic options for music, I am so glad that I grew up in the age where the art of wooing a girl could start out with a mixed CD.


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