Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mommy Daughter Day

This past Monday Evelyn and I played hooky and spent the day together, just the two of us.  I told her we could do anything she wanted to do, she picked swimming and school supplies shopping.  Easy enough!

Originally I was going to take her to a city pool but after finding a coupon for free kids entry with adult purchase for Hawaiian Falls, I decided she would have so much more fun there.  My  hunch was spot on-she had a blast! I had to beg her to stand still for just 30 seconds to take a picture before letting her jump in the water.

While we were at Long Cove the weekend before, she was swimming on her own without a life jacket for the first time.  She can go quite a distance but once she is out of air, she is done.  She haven't quite mastered the skill of being able to get more air to continue on further.  She can swim and float on her back now too, which surprised me considering we hadn't taught her how to do it.

After we swam for several hours she told me she was tired and ready to go school shopping, but first she wanted to relax.  We sat hand in hand next to the pool, eventually she laid on the ground because it was warm and she was freezing.  We stayed there for another 20 or 30 minutes in silence, people watching.

On our way out of Hawaiian Falls, texted Boyfriend at 1:36 pm telling him we were on our way to Target (which was five minutes away) to get her school supplies.  We got there and I should have known how tired she was because she asked to sit in the cart, which is something she never does!

At 3:26 pm, yes nearly two hours later, we were finally checking out.  I don't know if it was because I was a first time school age mom or if it really does take that long but I was so over it by the time I was done. Luckily they had everything I needed except for one thing (apparently bullet point tip, washable dry erase markers are a rare item) so I won't have to go through that again.

Everything we need for her to succeed in Kindergarten.  The My Little Pony blind bag was not included on the supplies list, just an extra for being such an awesome kid. I seriously can not believe that Evelyn is about to start school.

I'm so thankful for these calm days before school starts.  We will have one more this coming Monday, but Penny will be joining us as well.  My oldest girl is just so, so sweet and loving.  As we were leaving Hawaiian Falls, she told me to turn around and drew me a picture with her soaked towel drippings.  

I am so lucky.


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