Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Not a Secret Anymore...

About six months ago, I discovered Boyfriend had been keeping a secret from me.  He had been taking pictures of our life together, without me being aware, and had been posting them for all the world to feast their eyes upon.

Luckily it was just food photos and I was happy to jump on the Just Eat Dallas bandwagon.

I may have reinforced a wife stereotype, because as soon as Boyfriend told me what he was up to I took over because he wasn't doing it the way I would.  To be fair though, he welcomed my partnership and it has been really fun collaborating on something other than our children.

I recently went to a happy hour with other Dallas Foodies and I was asked what our goal was for the account.  Honestly, we have no aspirations for financial gains (but if you want to give us free food, holla at JustEatDallas@gmail.com), we just love talking about the food we eat.

Just Eat Dallas has also gotten us to be more active in our city which is an added bonus.  Instead of going to the same reliably tasty spots, we are hitting up different and new places.  Variety is the spice of life, right?

While we aren't a major Dallas Foodie Instagram account, we have built new relationships with other food lovers in the area and it has been really, really fun.  I'm definitely enjoying our new creative venture and can't wait to see what new food adventures await us.


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