Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hello There...

It's been quite some time since I have sat down and updated my little corner of the internet.  Lots of reasons-having to change my blog's name really bugged me for the longest time, Just Eat Dallas has blown up and takes most of my headspace I devote to social media but more and more lately I have been craving getting back into the swing of things for personal blogging.

So here goes.  Except I don't know where to start.  So I suppose we will start with "Hello there."

Life is good.  Like ridiculously, unbelievably good.  Everything is so smooth and happy in the back of my head (and heart) I fear something is lurking around the corner that will bring me down a few notches.  Until then, I'm embracing this season of life and enjoying every single moment I can.

Both girls are in really good places.  After a rough start, Evelyn has embraced school and is doing remarkably well.  We really struggled with our choice on what type of schooling would be best for her but so far, this program has exceeded our expectations. 

Penny's personality has come out full force and 18 months she is a complete ball of energy, sweetness and attitude all mixed into one running around our home, melting our hearts.  One of my favorite things to do is watch her and her sister playing together, they are truly best friends (for right now). 

"We need to talk about your birthday party, Mommy isn't sure if you will have a big one or do something small with a friend to celebrate," I told Evelyn last week.  The idea of throwing a big birthday party with all of her new school friends (which means hosting a bunch of parents I don't know and makes this introvert extremely anxious) is something I just am not sure I'm up for-unless she really wants it.  Evelyn responded:

"Hmm...well I think I would like to take one friend with me to the trampoline park.  It will have to be my very favorite friend!" After inquiring who that may be she told me, "My sister!!" as if I was the dumbest mom in the planet.  Well ok then.

Another relationship that is going extremely well is my marriage. This coming June will be our 9th wedding anniversary, 13 years together overall.  I'm not sure what magic potion has come together to make our relationship so successful-maybe we have finally matured, maybe me finally getting some sleep, or just a combination of everything, but I find myself giddy in love with him some days.  Of course there are the days when I want to throw an orange at his head because he can be just so darn passive aggressive but I've figured out how to ignore it (for the most part) and move on quickly. 

I'm hoping now that I have finally broken the no blogging streak I'll feel more comfortable, more at home, and will visit this space more often going forth.  I have so many stories to tell, so many memories I need written down (because I have noticed with age my memory is definitely getting worse) and hope that I will have this special spot to capture those special moments in time.

Until next time, goodbye friends.


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